LigoWave APC Echo 5

LigoWave APC Echo 5

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Long-range and high-gain wireless device suitable to use with any standard offset satellite dish antenna

Product Overview

160 Mbps
50,000 PPS
4.780 - 6.100 GHz support
High output power 29 dBm radio
Integrated 15 dBi directional panel antenna
External 27 dBi satellite dish antenna
Powerful OS
iPoll 2 - enhanced communication protocol
Weather proof metal enclosure (IP-65 rated) design
Free NMS (WNMS - Wireless Network Management System)
Grounding option on the enclosure

PTP mode

48 km (29.83 mi)


PTMP mode

11 km (6.84 mi)



For More Information, please visit this link: LIGOWAVE APC SERIES

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LigoWave APC Echo 5
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