Peace Ultra Pepper Spray [ Keychain Type ]

Peace Ultra Pepper Spray [ Keychain Type ]

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Powerful bursts. Maximum spraying distance 8ft.


. Disables any attacker instantly.
. Proven more effective than tear gas.
. Velco™  home or car attachment.
. 10% OC-2 million Scoville Heat Units.
. Fog Spray



The Pepper Gas in PEACE works instantly.

If an attacker is under the influence of drugs or alcohol, the irritants in tear gas and other deterrents may not work at all.
With pepper gas, eyelids swell closed and breathing is constricted, disabling the attacker immediately. Both effects are temporary.
PEACE contains the highest percentage (10%) of pepper gas available to the public and is not diluted with tear gas.
The pepper gas in PEACE in non-flammable, non-toxic and non-lethal.


PEACE spray better.
Other can glob-up when sprayed. But the formula in PLACE keeps the gas particles micro-fine and lighter, so the spray is stronger and more uniform.


Instructions for use:
To activate pepper gas spray:
A. Turn around the white nozzle.
B. Direct at face of attacker, and
C. Press down top with maximum pressure to spray.


Suggested Personal Safety Tips
Being Alert and Prepared is your best precaution. Following are tips of Awareness and

. Hole your head up and walk with a sense of direction. Look around and be aware of other people nearby.
. Don't approach a crowd blocking an exit, entrance or pathway.
. When entering or crossing through a crowded room, walk along a wall facing the crowd.
. When walking past a doorway or around a corner, cut wide-away from the doorway or wall.
. Know where building exits are and where they lead.
. Don't walk through dark or poorly lit areas.
. Look around, under and into your car while approaching and before entering.
. Look car door when driving and avoid unsafe areas.
. Don't turn your back on an attacker. Back away.


CAUTION: Inflammatory agent affecting eyes, respiratory areas and skin, disabling the attacker immediately. Rinse eyes with water. Wash skin with soap and cool water and expose to fresh air. Do not use creams, salves or oils. Shield face and eyes when firing directly into strong wind. 5% sodium bisulfite is helpful in removing all excess OC from the body. If symptoms persist after 1 hour call physician immediately.


Active Ingredient: Capsaicin (from Oleoresin of Capsicum): 10.00%
Inert Ingredient: Propellant: 90.00%
Net filled weight: 20ml
Heat Units: 2 milliom

Available colors:
Pink, Black

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Peace Ultra Pepper Spray [ Keychain Type ]
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