RG-55 Night Vision Monocular

RG-55 Night Vision Monocular

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When night falls,you never know what the cover of darkness may be kidding;

With the Nightfall Night Vision Monocular you can see in the dark and stay hidden!
Using the most advanced infrared technology in its category and paired with a high resolution intensifier,the Nightfall transforms barely navigable low light and Adurable,yet lightweight,rubber armor body protects the unit and give the user a comfortable gripping surface,perfect for extensive use.With long range viewing capabilities and a lengthy battery life,this easy to use Nightfall Night Vision Monocular is perfect for a wide range of recreational and professional uses,including hunting,security,boating,leisure,astronomy,nature observation and camping.

All Nightfall Monoculars are protected by Ronger’s exclusive Limited Lifetime Warranty,so feel free to invade the night.
1.High magnification            
2.Long range viewing
3.Fully multi-coated optics   
4.superior resolution
5.Durable rubber armor       
6.Built-in infrared illuminator
7.Reliable and easy to use    
8.One year warranty,lifetime maintenance

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RG-55 Night Vision Monocular
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