Motorola SMP 468 VHF-UHF

Motorola SMP 468 VHF-UHF

Brand: Motorola
Product Code: SMP 468
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Main Features

PC Programming / Cable Clone
DTMF Encode 
9 Level Squelch 
Scan / Priority Scan 
Busy Channel Lockout
Battery Save
Frequency Reverse
VOX Operation 
VOX Sensitive Setting
VOX Delay Setting
Time Out Timer 
Emergency Button 
Low Battery Alert 
Bandwidth Selectable
Power H /L Selectable
Repeater Support 
Frequency Step
LCD Display
3 Displaying Modes
Numeric Keypad
Front Panel Programming
PTT ID Display
Frequency Offset
FM Radio
Power –On Voltage Display
Power – On Password


Technical Specification

Frequency Range :                               U01P : 400-470MHz. 
                                                         U04P : 330-400MHz.
                                                         U10P : 450-520MHz. 
                                                         V01P : 136-174MHZ. 
Channel Capacity                                 16* / 99
CTCSS / DCS                                        50CTCSS / 107DCS
Power Supply                                      DC 7.4V
Operation Temp                                  -20˚C-+55˚C
Battery Type                                       Li-ion 1050mAh
Battery Life (5/5/90 duty cycle)             ≥8 hrs
Exclude Antenna                                  112x57x34mm
Weight (Include battery, antenna)          197g

Sensitivity (12 dB SINAD)                       -119dBm (0.25µV)
Adjacent Ch Selectivity                        60dB@25KHz
Intermodulation                                  >55dB
Hum and Noise                                   ≥40dB@25KHz
Spurious Emission                                ≤7.5µW
Blocking                                            ≥85dB
Audio Distortion                                  ≤10%
Audio Power Output                            500mW@8Ω

RF Power Output                                 UHF H:4W / L: 1W
                                                         VHF H:5W / L: 1W
Frequency Stability                              ±2.5PPM
FM hum and Noise                                ≥40dB@25KHz
Modulation Limited                              ≤±5.0KHz@25KHz
Adjacent Ch Power                              65dBc
Modulation Character                          ±3dB
Spurious and Harmonics                       ≤7.5µW
Audio Distortion                                  ≤10%



Li-ion Battery 
Charger Base
Power Adapter
Belt Clip 
Hand Stape

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Motorola SMP 468 VHF-UHF
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