Bullet Proof Vest Dyneema Fiber

Bullet Proof Vest Dyneema Fiber

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Covert Body Armour Bullet Stab Proof Tactical Vest for Undergarment/ Underwear clothing, Concealable for Barong or Polo/ Blazer for use of Undercover Police Force, VIP’s, Secret Agent,  Media men, Body Guard, Officials, Civilian needing protection(Male or Female)

This bulletproof vest is to be worn (concealed) under normal clothing and provides protection on front, back & sides. Protection level - Russian Class 2 (7.62mm Tokarev pistol, 415 m/s; 9mm Parabellum or UZI sub-mg, FMJ, 426 m/s) or Level III (by NIJ 0101.04 National Institute of Justice, USA). Built from the DYNEEMA®  fiber (Super strong polyethylene fiber produced using a patented gel spinning process.

This remarkable fiber is up to 15 times stronger than steel and, weight-for-weight, is 40% stronger than competing aramid fibers. It has high energy absorption and low elongation. Dyneema ® floats on water, and is extremely resistant to abrasion, moisture, UV rays and chemicals. The ballistic panels are extremely durable and would stop a bullet discharged from any short-barrel weapon.

Armour Vest Provide:

Front and back bullet proof protection

Average weight approx 1.2kg

Lightweight, thin flexible Dyneema armour

Back, front and side ballistic protection

NIJ Level II protection - basically all common handguns 

High level of stab resistance against edged weapons

Vest straps constructed to fit comfortably when worn under garments.

Fully adjustable around the waist to ensure maximum comfort during extended periods of use.

For wearing discreetly under clothing in a non threatening manor.

Maximum protection surface

Stab protection - 25 Joule (PSDB/2003) - NIJ IIIA


Designed to provide maximum ballistic protection in a concealed format and provides the greatest surface area of ballistic protection in a standard concealable vest.

The vest is flexible and lightweight and fits under a shirt or a blouse.

The carrier is removable and 100% cotton for easy care.

The vest is NIJ certified to threat levels of I, II, IIA and III and complies with body armour compliance 0101.03, and the new regulation standard of 0104.04.

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Bullet Proof Vest Dyneema Fiber
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