Access Control Keypad BTS 9901A

Access Control Keypad BTS 9901A

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Access Control Keypad BTS 9901A

Containing 500 users with Code (EM/ID Card) & Door Access Controller & Digital access control keypad

Brief introduction of product BTS-9901A Controller was designed especially for all kinds of electric-control locks and security control. It is one of the most advanced modernized entrance guard is systems. For selecting the newest central processing unit (CPU), all information can it be lost when the power supply is cut. Adopting the latest technology, powerful functions, it has induced card and three ways of opening the door, such as password to open the door, induced card adding with password to open the door, and card to open the door. It has safety measures such as the monitor and alarm under the door state, anti-pry alarm, deploys deference, safety mode, and induced card adding with password etc., which makes the users more safe and convenient.


1. Suitable for small scale area such as small office, family, storage room, pass by door
Etc. Programmed on keypad and no software
2. Card capacity: 500 users
3. Personal password: 500 sets
4. Working voltage: 12VDC
5. Working current: 150mA
6. Inside Card Reader: ID/EM card 125Kz
7. Opening Mode: ID card, Common Code, ID Card Common Code
8. Alarm Mode: Over time to close or enforce opening
9. Out Connector: Electric lock(with relay output and power output), door magnetic, ring, button
10. Program: Keyboard.
11. Dimension: 116*116*21mm

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Access Control Keypad BTS 9901A
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