Anti-theft Alarm System GH-MDC-0225

Anti-theft Alarm System GH-MDC-0225

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1) Double LED digital display, Visual display alarm defence zone ,keyboard input content
2) Keyboard operation, easy and applicable
3) Voice prompt function, arm, disarm or keyboard programming has voice prompt.
4) Password operation, Make sure the system is safe.
5) Can connect with our company receiving alarm platform, achieve networking management.
6) Can presetting 4 groups of alarm phone number and 2 groups of alarm center number, 2 groups of detector low battery prompt numbers
7) Can control the alarm host arm ,disarm and listen in by calling the alarm host number .
8) Has voice prompt function when alarming or operating from long distance.
9).Alarm host has the priority to make alarm phone calls when the telephone is being using, And telephone line fault detection function.
10) Using the learning code to add wireless detector, easy to register.
11) Alarm host has build-in wireless transmitter module, support wireless siren (optional)
12) Arm or disarm with alarm tone
13) Build in battery, Automatic switching when power off.

* Technical Parameters:

1) Power supply: DC9V(300mAh)
2) Backup battery: 7.2V (1.2V x6) Ni-MH rechargeable battery
3) Work current: Daily duties:<<10mA, alarm communication <<300mA(Build-in siren, Open the wireless siren)
4) Wireless frequency: Wireless Siren Receive 315MHz( Alarm System emission 433 MHz)
5) Wireless encoding: ASK
6) Wireless receive sensitivity: -105dBm@12dB SINAD
7) Wireless zone number: 99
8) Alarm numbers: 8 groups (Include 2 groups of center number, 6 groups of alarm number)
9) External alarm volume: >=110dBspl
10) Working temperature: -15Celsius~ +55Celsius Relative humidity <=90%

Package Includes:
User Manual
Travel Charger
Remote Controller
Door Sensor

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Anti-theft Alarm System GH-MDC-0225
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