Intelligent Alarm System GH-MDC-0214

Intelligent Alarm System GH-MDC-0214

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1) The main panel communicate with the alarm detectors through wireless link, supports all kinds of wireless detectors, PIR, infrared balusters, smoke sensors, gas sensors, panic buttons and so on
2) The main panel supports up to 8 wireless alarm zones, also supports rolling codes detectors, easy to add delete detectors
3) The main panel has pressing keys, it is easy to set functions
4) It is easy to set arm at home and arm away whatever through main keypads or remote controllers
5) The main panel would dial up to 6 groups preserved alarm phone numbers automatically, when the alarm is activated
6) The main panel has high priority to make the alarm phone call, if the phone is used (not alarming) when alarm is activated
7) The main panel would send out "Di……Di" alarm beep when the telephone link is absent or destroyed, and the siren would sound when the main panel is armed
8) Then main panel could record voice information, this voice would be sent out to alarm phone automatically when the alarm phone call is connected
9) The main panel has the backup rechargeable battery, could keep working without losing any information ever the external power supply is down
10) The user could setup the system status through phone connection anytime
11) The user could set arm, disarm, or panic through remote controllers
12) For security reasons a password is used for remote access
13) Onsite voice Monitoring through telephone from long distance
14) Have one onsite high volume siren, send sound when alarm occurs, the alarm sound period could adjust from 1 min to 20 min
15) Design for anti-static, anti-thunder, and safe to use

* Technical Parameters:

1) Power supply: AC220V~DC9V 300mA
2) Static current: Is<35mA
3) Alarm current: Ia<20mA
4) Wireless frequency: 433.9aMHz or 315MHz if specifie
5) Wireless Modulation: ASK
6) Wireless interface Rejection: >40dB(30-1000MHz)
7) Wireless received sensitivity:-95dBm@12dB SINAD
8) Support wireless detectors: =28
9) Volume of siren: =110dBspl
10) Working Environment: -15?~+55?; R.H.=90%

Package Includes:
User Manual
Travel Charger
Remote Controller
Door Sensor
Siren module
Wireless highly steady intelligent PIR detector

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Intelligent Alarm System GH-MDC-0214
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