Fire Protection Products

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Fire Protection Products
Automatic Emergency Light AEL-1038
OMNI, AEL-1038     Mickey Mouse type,          6V, 4AH..
Automatic Emergency Light AEL-2038
OMNI, AEL-2038      Mickey Mouse type,  6V, 4AH, 2*6W,  ..
Automatic Emergency Light AEL-290
OMNI, AEL-290        CAR type, 6V, 4AH,    2*6..
Automatic Emergency Light RAE, 6V
RAE, 6V6V, LED light source,   1,350.00         ..
Call Point
General Addressable Manual Call Point, Operates by Advanced MCU Expert Algorithm Software. Key..
Combustion Gas Detector Alarm
Overview This product is an indoor combustion gas detector with high stability, hereinafter calle..
Conventional Fire Alarm Control System: 6" Electric Bell
General 6" Electric bell of notification appliances offers a wide range of So..
Fire Escape Ladder 10m
Item specifics Usage: Fire Escape is_customized: Yes Brand Name: NA Material: Steel Feature: ..
Fire Escape Ladder 6m
Characteristic: Aluminium alloy soft ladder has some strongpoints compare to rope ladder. Light, fi..
Fire Escape Mask
XHZLC60 Self-luminous Fire Mask   1.      Applications Fire m..
Fire Extinguisher 10LB. AFFF  (Aqueous Film Forming Foam / Light Water)
AFFF  (Aqueous Film Forming Foam / Light Water) One (1) year warranty! suitable for classes ..
Fire Extinguisher 1LB HCFC 123 (DICHLOROTRIFRLUOROETHANE) Clean agent
HCFC 123 (DICHLOROTRIFRLUOROETHANE) Clean agent. Five (5) years warranty! suitable for A:B:C type..
Fire Extinguisher 5LBS. CO2   (Carbon Dioxide)
CO2   (Carbon Dioxide)  suitable for classes B:C types of fire;(Refillable)  ..
Fire Extinguisher Cabinet  24”x12”x8”
Fire Extinguisher DRY CHEMICAL 1LB. (Mono Ammonium Phosphate)
DRY CHEMICAL (Mono Ammonium Phosphate) One (1) year warranty! suitable for classes A:B:C types of..
Fire Hose Cabinet 24”x27”x7”
FIRE HOSE CABINET SIZE            &nb..
Fire Hose Cabinet Set 100 feet x 1-1/2"
Fire Hose Cabinet Set 100 feet x 1-1/2"   P 8,950.00 Straight Nozzle P 9,850.00 Fo..
Fire Hose Cabinet Set 50 feet x 1-1/2"
Fire Hose Cabinet Set 50 feet x 1-1/2"   P 8,050.00 Straight Nozzle     ..
Fire Hose Single Jacket 1-1/2” x 50 feet
Fire proof Firemans Helmet
 For Product Stock Availability and Quotation. Please Send us an Inquiry by clicking on this LI..
Megaphone - American Magic
Also Available:     The specification, price and photo are subject to change wi..
Mini Wired Red Strobe Siren for GSM Burglar Security Alarm
Mini Wired Red Strobe Siren for Burglar Security Alarm  Product Features:  1) Sound ..
Rollable Stretcher
Product description  1).The stretcher is fabricated from a&nbs..
Self Contained Breathing Apparatus Set, HWAYAN
Self ContainedBreathing Apparatus Set, HWAYAN Brand, China Made (Supply & Cylinder Valve, Who..
Smoke Detector Alarm
SA410LLi Safety Siren LNG LPG Coal Gas Leakage Detector Alarm  Long Life Miniature Optical Smok..
Smoke Detector SS168
Key Feature:   Power Source: 9V Battery..